Role of Executive Board

What does the E-Board do?


  • Be the Official Spokesperson of VGSA and the Chief Liaison with all other offices, organizations and student groups both inside and outside USC
  • Chair all meetings of VGSA and will call special meetings as needed
  • Oversee VGSA activities
  • Organize and conduct the Executive Board meetings and the Council meetings
  • Meet with the VGSA Advisor regularly to address concerns of the organization and its members
  • Coordinate with persons and student organizations associated with events for VGSA members
  • Execute his/her discretionary powers in times of constitutional emergency
  • Approve/discard any proposal if there is a tie in the poll over a given proposed constitutional amendment or any other affair

Executive Vice President

  • Attend VGSA Executive Board and Council meetings
  • Maintain VGSA property and supplies
  • Conduct VGSA Council and Board meetings in the absence of the President
  • Directly oversee all Senators to ensure they are meeting their position requirements

Vice President, Communications

  • Maintain and regularly update the VGSA website
  • Transcribe minutes for all VGSA meetings and post them on VGSA Website within 48 hours of each meeting
  • Handle mail and e-mail correspondence of VGSA via
  • Generate and e-mail announcements of VGSA events to Senators and/or GAPP adviser
  • Produce flyers for VGSA events and distribute them to Senators for posting
  • Be the point-of-contact for initial communication with VGSA for any official matters
  • Work closely with GAPP and assist them in their communication initiatives

Vice President, Finance

  • Manage the budget and finances of VGSA
  • Attend all GSG funding workshops
  • Be responsible for purchasing and budget requests for VGSA
  • Keep track of receipts and close out budget grants
  • Maintain a record of all budget requests and expenditures
  • Track and be responsible for funding requests submitted to VGSA from other organizations
  • Ensure that approved funding requests meet all after approval requirements

Vice President, Programs

  • Organize events for all VGSA members
  • Reserve all venues for VGSA events
  • Work with the Vice President of Finance to attain funding for VGSA events
  • Work with the Vice President of Communications to ensure that all event information is properly and effectively circulated to the VGSA members