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All about the ambassador role.

The VGSA Ambassador role serves to help promote collaboration between cultural Viterbi student organizations and VGSA. Ambassadors will use VGSA as a central hub for planning joint events, sharing tips and ideas, and to help establish open communication between each student organization. One ambassador is allowed per student organization.


  • Must be nominated by a student organization (representing a population of Viterbi Graduate Students) to serve as a representative within VGSA for that given student organization.
  • Attend one VGSA Council Meeting per month & the first VGSA Council meeting of the Semester
  • Volunteer in at least one VGSA Signature Event per semester



  • Must be an enrolled graduate student from any department in Viterbi.
  • Candidates who did not obtain majority votes in the election held at the beginning of the semester but wish to be involved with VGSA.


  • Interested students may reach out to vgsapres@usc.edu to register to be a VGSA Ambassador.


1 academic year (if elected in fall), 1 semester (if elected in spring)