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Welcome to the USC Viterbi School of Engineering (VSOE). We, the Viterbi Graduate Student Association (VGSA), are glad that you are part of the Trojan Family.

With such a large and diverse population at USC, students are presented with the opportunity to enrich their experience by learning about a multitude of cultures. Learning to understand and respect cultures that are different from your own provides invaluable skills that are needed in the real world.

The engineering profession is becoming increasingly important in today’s technology-driven world. As a result, the Viterbi School of Engineering has been constantly growing and evolving. Students may find it a challenge to become acclimated and involved in such a large engineering community. This is where VGSA plays a major role. VGSA promotes interaction among the graduate students in the Viterbi School of Engineering by hosting various academic and social activities. Some of our activities, such as the Chinese Moon Festival and Music of the World, spread cultural awareness, while other activities like the Viterbi Ball, Tailgates, and Engineering Idol provide fun and excitement.

VGSA strives to address the needs and concerns of graduate engineering students by holding elections every semester for department representatives. Every VGSA member is dedicated to enhancing the academic and cultural experience of the graduate students of Viterbi. In short, we are here to support you during your stay in the Viterbi School.

We look forward to meeting you at our upcoming events. Fight On!