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Hack For Impact has been postponed to Fall 2022.

Hack for Impact

Fall 2022

Hack for Impact is a hackathon targeted at the Sustainable Development Goals put forth by the United Nations.


Day 1

  1. Icebreaker

  2. Team introductions

  3. Making teams of students who still have not found teams

  4. Elevator Pitch

Day 2

  1. Prototype Making

  2. Mentorship on specific things participants need to know / In parallel the working can continue (Indoor & Outdoor space, in-person)

  3. Prototype making, stress buster activities

  4. Deadline: midnight

Day 3 - Judging / Pitching (10am-1pm pacific time)

  1. Get the judges on zoom

  2. Get the participants in-person (one room per category for judging)

  3. Coffee / Crackers provided


  • Global Health & Crisis Management

    Target SDGs: 3, 12, 15

    Description: Working on how public health can be improved and how can communities prepare for, detect, and respond to emerging pandemics and health security threats? Considering how global health is impacted by supply chain issues in a medical emergency and how we can do crisis management to provide accessibility to tools and services.

  • Sustainable Cities & Communities

    Target SDGs: 6, 11, 12, 13

    Description: Building / creating environments that are sustainable and impact the environment positively. It includes clean water and energy, sustainable housing, environmental sustainability, etc.

  • Gender Inclusivity and Accessibility

    Target SDGs: 4, 5, 8

    Description: How can we reduce gender based inequalities and provide humans the basic rights such as healthcare, workforce, right to education, etc.

  • Youth, Skills, & the workforce of the future

    Target SDGs: 4, 8, 10, 17

    Description: How can disadvantaged youth learn the skills they need to prepare them for the workforce of the future and thrive in the 21st century?