Event Planning

Tips to ensure your events run smoothly.

Apply for funding ahead of time

Timelines for sending in Budget Requests:

Event TypeIn-PersonVirtual
RecommendedA month priorTwo weeks prior
MinimumTwo weeks priorFriday before event (by 12PM)

Any budget proposals of $1000 or more must be sent in a month prior to the event date.

In-Person Events

  • Ensure that bookings for rooms are done in advance
  • At a month prior minimum – apply for Facilities Management Services (FMS) permission if required
  • When you leave the booked space, leave it as you found it and in good condition
  • Ensure that any suppliers have good location directions and a contact number.
  • Ask that all suppliers follow health and safety guidelines (Ie: if guest Trojan Check is required, masks)
  • Use USC approved vendors and local venues. For non-approved vendors (when absolutely necessary or for new venues supporting the local community) reach out to vgsafin@usc.edu

Guidelines for sending out RSVP lists to estimate number of event attendees:

Event TypeIn-PersonVirtual
Send out the link…Two weeks priorA week in advance
  • Guesstimate the attendance from the RSVP link
  • Book a room with double capacity (considering social distancing, hygiene protocols)

Make sure that your receipts are submitted

Send receipts to the VP of Treasury (vgsatres@usc.edu)

Watch your ecological and carbon footprint

Can your event include reusable items, non-single use plastic, lower electricity usage, lower water usage and recycle waste? For example, you can purchase wooden cutlery instead of plastic.

Link to the VGSA Instagram, Engage SC, VGSA emails and department specific platforms.

Contacting the E-Board

If you have any further questions, please ask! The E-board is here to help your event run smoothly, and each person can help with issues such as the following.

  • VGSA President (Ex. New ideas, Department Wide Q’s)
  • Executive VP (Ex. New ideas, Department Wide Q’s)
  • VP Finance (Ex. Budget Proposals)
  • VP Treasury (Ex. Submitting Receipts)
  • VP Outreach (Ex. Local Vendors & Collaborations)
  • VP Programs (Ex. Events)
  • VP Communications (Ex. Advertising)
  • Webmaster (Ex. Adding information to the website)

For contact info, see the Council page.