Event Funding

How to create and submit a VGSA budget proposal for your event.


  • Budget proposal format (Download and send to VP Finance in email)
  • Every Monday & Thursday, budget proposals will be reviewed.
  • Deadlines:
    • For events in the first few weeks of September (till Sept 19th) - Please submit the proposal as soon as possible.
    • For events after Sept 19th - Proposal should be submitted 2 Weeks before the event date!

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  1. Budget Proposals are not considered submitted until they are complete. (They should include quotes, expected number of people attending the event)

  2. Incomplete budget proposals will not be accepted.

  3. Budget Proposal should include all fees including taxes & delivery fees.

  4. Any items/products purchased should be ordered with approved USC Vendors.

  5. Meal Allocation Maximums (you should not go beyond this rate per person):

  6. Take a picture of the receipt when you receive it and send it to VP Treasury as per email instructions. Receipts must be turned in a maximum of 48 hours after the event, or there will be penalties in future event approvals.

  7. The leniency for the gift cards may go away or use may be restricted to online events. (TBD)

  8. About outside speakers: the money limit is $25.

  9. About tips:

    1. Serving Food: 15%
    2. For Just Getting Delivered: 10%

    (Try to avoid if possible)

  10. Budget proposals are submitted at minimum, 2 weeks in advance

    1. Anything over $1000 should be submitted a month in advance.
  11. Reimbursement: VGSA does not prefer reimbursement and Senators/E-Board Members are requested not to pay for any funds by themselves.

Upcoming Deadlines for Event Dates

Event DateSubmit Proposal by…

Budget Proposal Process

  1. Email VGSA Vice President of Finance (vgsafin@usc.edu) with budget proposal document using this template (2 Weeks before the event date)
    • Make a copy of this document in your respective Senators Event folder and send the link to the document in the Email - for easy updates.
    • Make sure to attach any required quotations - (Screenshot of the required items total, Vendor quotation)
    • Follow the Email Specifications as given below
  2. Make sure to add this event on EngageSC with tentative dates and flyers.
    • Adding on EngageSC is essential for the Budget Proposal to be accepted!
    • If the event is on Experience App then even better.

Email Specifications for Budget Proposals

  • Subject: [ <VGSA DEPT> Name of event | Date of event ]
    • Example: Sub: [VGSA BME Comedy Show | Feb 23, 2021]
    • Note: Ensure that the name of the event is the same as the one which is advertised to the public.
  • To follow up regarding the proposal in case of budget changes or event cancellation, please use the REPLY option to the same email.