Speaker Series: Madhav Thaker

On September 10, we held the first seminar of our Speaker series.

Tanvi Kasture November 3, 2020

On September 10, we held the First Seminar of our Speaker series and I am very glad to share that it went really well. Over 50 students attended this seminar on “Data.” Madhav Thaker, an extremely talented senior Data Scientist who came from a non CS background, did his masters at Harvard, and landed a job at the dream company of Walt Disney, walked us through his journey and shared some amazing tips to secure internships/jobs.

Thank you so much Madhav for taking time out from your busy schedule and sharing your experience.

A big shout out to Executive-Board members of the Viterbi Graduate Student Association Abhilash Pandurangan, Lauro Sebastian Ojeda, Anusha Sreenivasan, and Kaushik Karalgikar, who are working very hard to host more amazing events. Thank you guys, it is really great working with all of you.

I am glad that I have got this opportunity to plan events which are beneficial for all, looking forward to organizing events and meeting with such amazing people.